Alexander Wassiljewitsch Suworow

It is hard to find a Russian person who has not heard Suworow’s name. At school we all learned that the Russian army had crossed the Alps, and some of us may even think of a painting by Vassily Surikov where Russian soldiers are depicted sliding down the icy slopes of the Swiss Alps.

But we do not often remember what really happened in 1799 and why the Russian army is still remembered by the Swiss 200 years later. The Swiss respect this unprecedented Russian military campaign and preserve memories about Suworow, they gladly talk about it and organise excursions along the route taken by the Russian army over 200 years ago.

The Russian Cultural Society and School "Suworow" was created in January 2011 by teachers and parents of Russian-speaking children living in Canton Schwyz. The Russian language class was first launched in August 2009 at the private Obersee Bilingual School (OBS) in Pfäffikon (SZ), and since August 2010, the class also accepts children from other schools in the canton. In March 2011 our Russian language class was officially recognized by the Department of Education of Canton Schwyz as the first Russian class in the canton, which operates according to the HSK (Mothertongue & Culture Education) programme.