Tuition Fees

General information

The fees are paid by the parents at the beginning of each quarter. For billing purposes the "Suworow" school year is divided into 4 quarters (approximately 9 and a half weeks each) the following way:

  • I Quarter:    August (second week of the school year) - October;
  • II Quarter:   November - mid January;
  • III Quarter:  mid January - mid April;
  • IV Quarter: mid April - the end of the school year.

We do not charge for the weeks on which classes are not held (14 weeks of school holidays plus cantonal and federal holidays).

Payment for missed classes due to illness is not refundable.

In addition to the tuition fees at the beginning of a school year parents of children attending classes pay an annual "Suworow" membership fee of 50 CHF which is used to cover the cost of copying, notebooks, craft and teaching materials for the lessons.

Rate per Lesson

Parents can chose from 2 to 4 lessons per week which their children will attend. The basic tuition fee for the program "ABC" and "Russian Language and Literature” (2 lessons of 45 minutes per week) is 400 CHF per quarter.

Additional lessons like  "Russian Speech Development and Culture/History" or "Art and Culture for ABC class" (1 lesson of 45 minutes per week) cost 200 CHF per quarter each. The tuition fee for "Art and Culture for primary school" class (1 lesson of 60 min per week) is 250 CHF per quarter.