School Year and Timetable

Academic year in the Russian school "Suworow" starts in the second week of the official school year and lasts 38 weeks following the school calendar of the canton Schwyz. Please follow the link: "Suworow" (Wollerau) current school year calendar.

For billing purposes the "Suworow" school year is divided into 2 semesters (approximately 19 weeks each) the following way:

  • First Semester: August to mid January;
  • Second Semester: mid Januaryto the end of the school year.

We do not charge for the weeks on which classes are not held (for 14 weeks of school holidays, as well as for cantonal and federal holidays).

In Wollerau classes are held weekly on Monday and Wednesday afternoons (see the Weekly plan of HSK Russian in Wollerau). In case of large numbers of children additional classes on other days will be opened.