The Russian School "Suworow" (HSK) conducts Russian language classes (only 2nd  & 3rd Grades) on Mondays and Tuesdays at Schule Riedmatt, Wollerau SZ, Room 102. All other classes on all other days are conducted at Zürichsee International Language Studio at Fällmisstrasse 2a, 8832 Wollerau.

Wollerau SZ

Riedmatt Secondary School House
Room 102
Erlenstrasse 18
8832 Wollerau

Russian Cultural Society and Russian School "Suworow"
Fällmisstrasse 2a
8832 Wollerau

Important: Please note that ZILS parking at this premises is reserved for teachers ONLY! There is plenty of parking facilities in Wollerau in the 200-300 meters away from the Studio including the multi-storey public car park at Hauptstrasse (90 min of free parking!) or at Migros/Coop shops. Parents are requested to use the VISITORS parking places at Fällmisstrasse 2a during the working hours (08:30-17:30) only in case of bad weather to drop off or pick up their children.