Russian School "Suworow" (HSK)

The first Russian class was established in August 2009 on the initiative of parents of children attending a private Obersee Bilingual school (OBS) in Pfäffikon, Canton Schwyz. Since August 2010, the class also accepts children from other schools of the canton. In March 2011 our class of the Russian language has been recognized by the Department of Education of the Canton as the first Russian class in Schwyz, working on the programme HSK (Native Language and Culture).

Since August 2011 thanks to the support of Canton Schwyz Department of Education and the good will of Bezirk Höfe we received the opportunity to teach Russian in a real school environment at Riedmatt Sek Schule in Wollerau. As the school started to grow fast (20 children joined the school during the last 12 months only) we decided to move our classes out of Obersee Bilingual School in Pfäffikon into new premises in Wollerau.

Our school is a non-profit organization that exists thanks to the active and passive membership of teachers and parents. All teachers and parents of children attending Russian school "Suworow" are active members of society and pay an annual membership fee of 50 CHF. Passive members pay a fee 25 CHF per year to maintain the programmes implemented by our cultural society "Suworow".

Class Sizes

Classes "ABC", "Russian Language and Literature"
up to 10 people;
Classes "Art and Culture"
up to 10 people.

Lessons Duration

Classes "ABC", "Russian Language and Literature"
45 minutes;
Classes "Art and Culture"
60 minutes.

It is possible to attend classes "Russian Language" and "Art & Culture" and "Speech Development" on different days.

Books & Materials

Children bring to school a pencil case with pens and pencils, erasers and pencil sharpeners, house shoes and a light snack (no sweets and crisps please).

The school provides students with folders, diaries, notebooks and Russian tracing notebooks, as well as materials for the "Art and Culture" lesson. Textbooks are the property of the school and are given to children to be returned at the end of a school year. Parents are required to compensate 200% for the cost of damaged textbooks.