Russian-speaking children from 5 years of age are admitted upon the written request of parents. Distribution of children in groups / classes depends on the child’s age and the level of knowledge.

In order to enroll the child in the school parents are requested to fill the following three documents:

  • Membership application form to join the Russian Cultural Society "Suworow" filled in and signed by the child's parents. New members are required to send the signed form to our address by post or email (please see Contact Info). Our school is a non-profit organisation supported by teachers and parents of our school children and friends of Russia. All parents are passive members of our society and pay an annual membership fee of CHF 50. To download the application form, please click here.
  • "Suworow" School Enrollment Form for each child willing to attend the classes. Parents are requested to specify the lessons they want their child to attend. Parents are requested to enroll their children for a minimum of 2 lessons of Russian per week. To download the school enrollment form, please click here.
  • HSK (Russian) Form provided by Canton Schwyz (only for school children). Parents of primary and secondary school children are requested to fill the form issued by the Department of Education of the canton Schwyz (normally provided by the child's local school or to be downloaded here) and return it to the child’s Swiss teacher as a confirmation of the parents' wish for their child to attend Russian HSK lessons. The school teacher then should forward the form to the Russian Language Coordinator of Canton Schwyz at the address stated on the form.

The grades received by your child in the Russian class will be officially sent to the child’s local Swiss school every semester to be incorporated in his school report.

Admission to the school and out of school is carried out only by a written declaration of pupils' parents. Leaving school during the school year is allowed in exceptional cases with a 3 months written notice before the end of each semester. Parents are obliged to inform the Swiss teacher if the child stops to attend HSK lessons.

Children of neighbouring cantons (Zürich, St.Gallen, Luzern, Uri, Glarus, Zug) can attend classes offered by the Russian school "Suworow" and the HSK Russian marks received by the children at school should be accepted by other cantons.

Children are not covered by the school accident insurance. Accident insurance and 3rd Party liability (Unfall-und Haftpflicht-Versicherung) should be provided by students' parents.