About Us

The Russian Cultural Society and School "Suworow" was created in January 2011 by teachers and parents of Russian-speaking children living in Canton Schwyz. The Russian language class was first launched in August 2009 at the private Obersee Bilingual School (OBS) in Pfäffikon (SZ), and since August 2010, the class also accepts children from other schools in the canton. In March 2011 our Russian language class was officially recognized by the Department of Education of Canton Schwyz as the first Russian class in the canton, which operates according to the HSK (Mothertongue & Culture Education) programme.

In 2012 we joined the Association of Russian People in Switzerland (SVRL) and our Russian School "Suworow" became a member of the European Association of Russian Schools and Cultural Centres (EUROLOG).

Aims of our society

  • Create the first Russian school in the canton of Schwyz, which follows the Russian national school curriculum introduced by the Russian Ministry of Education, and develop special language programmes and teaching materials for bilingual and multilingual children living outside of Russia to help them to improve their Russian language and communication skills.
  • Encourage and maintain the interest in the Russian language in Russian-speaking bilingual children as a a way of accessing Russian culture and literature, to develop Russian communication skills in children.
  • Introduce our children and their parents to the history and culture of Russia and get them acquainted with historical and cultural links between Switzerland and Russia, work together with societies in Switzerland and the canton of Schwyz interested in the study of the history of the Swiss expedition of the Russian army under the command of General Suworow in 1799.
  • Broaden the education of our children, familiarise them with Russian literature, art and music as part of the world heritage; make our children proud of the fact that they are a part of this great culture.
  • Celebrate traditional Russian holidays and organise cultural events aimed at supporting our Russian-speaking compatriots who teach our children art, music, literature, dance and classical ballet in the canton of Schwyz.
  • Create a Russian book & video library for pre-school and school children, and establish a library of educational games and materials for the Russian-speaking children to help them study Russian.
  • Create a Russian-speaking playgroup for pre-kindergarten children in order to form and maintain their interest in the language from an early age.
  • Provide a forum for dialogue for Russian-speaking people living in our canton.
  • Maintain interest in the Russian language studies with non-Russian speakers and create Russian language courses for adults (mothers and fathers, grandparents and our friends).